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Courtenay Springs Village Residential Living

At Courtenay Springs Village we believe events and activities enrich our resident’s lives. We create a fun, uplifting environment where our residents can be social, get involved, and enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities.

Courtenay Springs Village Health Center Skilled Nursing

Our nursing services are multifaceted. Our nurses take care of the residents medically, emotionally, and physically. Our licensed nursing team in collaboration with our residents’ physician ensures that each resident is cared for with compassion and understanding.

Courtenay Springs Village Health Center Rehabilitation Services

Our restorative nursing and rehabilitation team is made up of registered nurses, licensed practical and vocational nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. All of the members of our rehabilitation team work together to promote independence, safety, and they help each resident attain their highest functional ability.