Rehabilitation Services

A doctor with scrubs and a stethoscope leaning in to speak to an elderly man in a wheelchair.

At Courtenay Springs Village we offer comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation services. Our Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Professionals are highly trained to provide you with the best outcomes. Whether you are here for our Rehab to Home services, Outpatient Therapy services, or plan on making this your home, we offer personalized, skilled interventions to meet your individual medical rehabilitation needs.

Our Specialty Programs include:

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

  • Cardio monitoring during exertion
  • Custom strengthening programs to get back to your healthy lifestyle
  • Respiratory Muscle Training to assist in improved lung function
  • Better Breathers Club™ Host Site for ongoing support

Dysphagia or Swallowing Issues

  • VitalStim® Certified Provider to assist in improving swallow function
  • Synchrony interactive software program to treat dysphagia

Incontinence Re-Training

  • Pelvic Function and Bowel and Bladder Health Certified Therapist
  • Bladder re-training program

Neurological Conditions Rehab Program

  • LSVT-Big Certified Therapist for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Challenging balance, strengthening and Mobility programming to assist in keeping you active
  • Stroke Program geared toward best ability to function beyond the deficits

Out of the Gym Therapy Techniques

  • Water Therapy sessions where treatment is provided in our heated pool
  • Varied Terrain outdoor sessions with therapist around our beautiful campus
  • Community Mobility training within real world environment
  • Therapy attended Physician follow-up visits for continuity of care
  • Home assessments offered to customize your goals if returning home

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management

  • Electrical Stimulation and/or TENS unit therapy for treating discomfort
  • Non-invasive postural techniques to improve spinal alignment
  • Ultrasound and Diathermy Therapy to decrease pain
  • Manual Therapy and Therapeutic massage to improve movement associated with pain

Function Based Cognitive Rehab Program

  • Certified Dementia care specialist Therapy Team Members
  • Cognitive treatment based on what each person can do
  • Strategic therapy interventions designed for improved cognitive outcomes
  • Family/Caregiver support and training provided